Costa Rica Dota Tarrazu


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 Coopedota Cooperative

Santa Marta de Dota

Fully Washed

1550-1800 MASL

Caturra and Cantuai

Bright, juicy coffee with flavours of peach and a hint of honey, building to a sweet hazelnut and toffee finish.


Coffee producers created the cooperative in 1960 to help with financing, coffee processing and exportation. Since then, Coopedota has evolved into a model cooperative of more than 800 members. Roughly 85% of Coopedota's producers work only 2 hectares of land. Since 5 pickers are needed for 2 hectares of land, it is common for producers to have their family work during the harvest. During the rest of the year, only 1 worker is needed for approximately 5 hectares of land, so the farmers will normally work at several different farms and in town. Coopedota employs 2 full-time agronomists to work with member producers. The agronomists regularly visit the farms to provide recommendations on topics ranging from plant nutrition to labour costs to the best type of shade trees. The agronomists also regularly hold training seminars where they lecture and discuss theory as well as field-based classes. All the Coopedota producers process their coffee at the cooperative owned mill. The mill itself is impressive with its colourful maze of pulping and sorting lines. Most cherries are dropped off at the main entrance and processed together as a whole.