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Indian Tiger Mountain


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Buba Budangiri

Fully Washed


SL 795, Cauvery and SL 9

Delicious Orange acidity that leads to a creamy Hazelnut and Milk Chocolate finish.


This coffee is a selection from the Buba Budan giris region of India. Known as the first area for coffee cultivation in India, it is where the Sufi saint Buba Budan smuggled coffee seeds from Yemen, where coffee was guarded protectively by the Ottomans.

Our Indian Tiger Mountain raises funds for Tiger research in India, with $1 from every bag of beans sold going toward this cause by our coffee importers HA Bennett and Sons.



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If you love coffee like we do, why not come by our roastery and grab a delicious coffee, check out our brew gear and ask any coffee questions. We love to chat coffee!

Who is Jones & Co Coffee?

We are a family business that got the coffee bug

Wholesale Coffee Roasting Perth

Bean Selection

It all starts with the bean. We can roast any bean to bring out its greatest character and flavour, but we only source specialty grade coffee that meets a higher standard.

Fresh Roasted Coffee Perth

Roasting Daily

We’re working hard every day to roast great tasting coffee. Once we roast, our coffee is bagged and ready for you within hours so you have the freshest and tastiest coffee in Perth.

Coffee Beans and Cafe Wangara

Brewing for all

Our brew bar in Wangara gives everyone the chance to try our coffee. Whether you’re looking for beans, or somewhere local to get a cup, we’re brewing great coffee to tantalize the senses!

Great tasting coffee beans perth


Coffee isn’t just a business for us, or we wouldn’t have stuck at it for so long! We’re passionate about every process involved in making a cup. The rewards we’re after is sharing a great coffee with company.

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Not matter where you are in your coffee journey, we’ve been there. We have brewing equipment for home, camping, office or cafe. So contact us and see how we can help. We always love to share our knowledge.

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