Cold Brew

Toddy Cold Brew

When it's hot outside and coffee is still required, this is the way to go! Using cold water instead of hot, cold brew won't have any hint of bitterness while still developing great flavour. It will also keep in your fridge for up to 2 weeks so once brewed, you'll have coffee for many sunny days!

What you'll need;

Toddy Cold Brew System

Toddy filter

340g of coarsely ground coffee

1.65L of clean filtered water

1. Place the plug in the bottom, on the outside of the plastic Toddy Cold Brew and the mesh filter on the inside at the bottom.

2. Place one Toddy paper filter inside and empty your freshly ground coffee.

3. Slowly pour your water over the grounds making sure to saturate all the grounds. Once you've used all the water, give it a little stir and pat down to ensure all the grounds are wet.

4. a nap...once 12-24hrs have elapsed, place the plastic brewer over the glass jar and remove the plug at the bottom. Let your new brew filter through, give the filter a little squeeze to get more out, but be careful not to split the bag.

5. Discard your filter bag and give the mesh filter a good rinse with warm water and place it in a zip lock bag to be stored in the freezer till next time.

6. Now you can sip away! Try mixing it with milk, tonic water or sparkling water, at a 1 part brew to 3 ratio, or if your'e daring just have it neat with some ice. Enjoy!