AeroPress Brew Guide Red Cup

This method makes producing a great espresso-like coffee easy. Whether you’re traveling for a weekend or to the other side of the globe, it can be made anywhere you can boil water! It’s also super easy to clean. It's good to start with a medium grind and vary that depending on how it tastes, if it's finer then a shorter brewing time is required, coarser and you need to extend the brewing time. Remember, not all beans are the same and as such, require different grind size.

What you'll need;

  • Scales
  • Stirrer
  • AeroPress
  • AeroPress paper filter
  • 270ml fresh filtered water
  • Kettle
  • 18g of Coffee ground medium
  1. First, heat your filtered water to 95C or leave boiled water for a minute before using it.
  2. Thoroughly wet the paper filter to remove that paper taste, and any mug or vessel used to pour your AeroPress coffee into. Discard water.
  3. Weigh out and grind 18g of coffee at a medium grind or similar to regular sand (this can be altered to ensure the correct brew for your taste).
  4. Add the coffee to your AeroPress and then add 40g of water and stir.
  5. Wait 30sec and then add a further 230g for a total of 270g and stir.
  6. Let the coffee brew for 1min and stir again.
  7. At 1:40, stir once more, invert and press down until you hear a hissing sound as the water is all dispelled. It should take about 20sec to push down firmly, if it takes longer you need to make the grind coarser, if shorter grind a little finer.
  8. Inhale and sip that sweet elixir! You’re Welcome!