Whether you are starting up a Cafe, looking for good quality coffee in your home or office, Jones & Co Coffee are here to help! With existing customers ranging from cafes to offices, schools and mine sites, we've got the experience. Our roasting facilities mean we can supply a tonne or a kilo of great tasting coffee.

How do we achieve this?

1. It all starts with the bean! We only source specialty grade arabica coffee beans from all over the world. From large co-operative farms to seasonal micro-lots, we have a variety of quality beans to choose from.

2. Once we find a bean that tastes amazing from a farm, we will source that bean each year to maintain consistency. This also helps farmers with security so they can plan each years harvest, as well as invest in good farming and processing practices. Coffee farming is a tough business, so all the help we can give by supporting them year in year out goes a long way.

3. The way we roast makes all the difference. Our 2 quality European coffee roasters are ever reliable machines that we know inside and out. Being able to manipulate roasting times and heat at different stages, results in us producing flavours that are fully developed and suited for whatever brewing method you prefer.

4. We only roast when you order. Whether you order twice weekly for your cafe or need that last minute bag of beans for home, you're guaranteed of receiving it when it's fresh. Coffee is best consumed after three days from roasting and within 3 weeks, so freshness really does matter.

If you are interested in sampling our coffee, or have questions about any of our other products and services, we have a showroom where you can taste our delicious beans and have a chat about all things coffee. You'll always find someone happy to talk.
Please feel free to contact us below if there is anything you would like to find out about what we do.