Jones & Co Trio


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Are you new to Jones & Co and want to find out what we're all about? Then this neat pack of our three tasty blends will tell you all about us! We're not that good at talking ourselves up, we'd prefer to let the beans do the talking!

Espresso Blend

 A blend of three delicious beans from South America, Central America and Asia. Our Espresso blend is full bodied with flavours of toffee and dark chocolate. Great as an espresso which punches through milk for a stronger coffee.

Invigorate Blend

This blend is made up of four Arabica beans spanning three continents, roasted to a medium colour. It is a full-bodied blend that has layers of flavours. Starts off sweet and juicy, with notes of dark chocolate as it continues on the palate. 

A versatile choice that can be used as an espresso, filter or plunger coffee.

Infusion Blend

Designed for those searching for a mild, sweet coffee, this blend of four Arabica beans is roasted to a medium dark colour. Light acidity with notes of milk chocolate and almond through to a clean, balanced aftertaste.

Mr Jones loves this with milk anyday of the week!